offers empowered leadership coaching to support entrepreneurs, teams, leaders and career-focused talent, so that they are excelling at their highest potential and dynamically powered with possibilities. On my path as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC, ELI-MP, Core Dynamics Specialist,)  I've found that the transformational power of empowered leadership coaching, cannot only help others build action plans for their dreams, but create a synergistic approach to all that they do in life. Many individuals seeking support in goal setting, vision planning, innovating and motivating, hope to find a forum to have their voices and ideas heard. BTO coaching provides the innovation to think beyond your current realities and provides the tools for you to create your own brand of success. 

Melissa Anderson- Founder, Chief Strategist & Lead Coach

Melissa Anderson- Founder, Chief Strategist & Lead Coach


A coach is focused on empowering and supporting individuals, teams and organizations in accomplishing their goals, thus reaching their full potential. Coaches look for the "how to"  in defining, actioning and advancing skill development, creating impactful change for you and your organization. Coaches are partners in helping thought leaders solution and actualize immediate and long term goals, so that your energy is invested in solutions for success.  The results of integrating an individual's power with their external goals creates new perspective, unseen opportunities and access to the abundance available to them.


You may expect to architect the career or business success that you've always dreamed of creating, especially in today’s ever-changing marketplace.  Whether you are actualizing business targets or personal goals, our expertise can help you define the most impactful and sustainable ways to get there. 

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"As a result of empowering individuals on their own unique journeys, we create sustainable long-term infrastructures to build upon for our own networks, communities and organizations. When we help others rise, we rise. Our mission: keep it outside of the box."  -Melissa Anderson, BTO