Limited Beliefs- Why everyone else is afraid you might fail fulfilling your dreams.

You have a dream. You aren’t afraid to share it. When you share this powerful epiphany with your most trusted advisors, they go into defense mode.  Why does your support system immediately focus on the various pitfalls, flaws, and roadblocks that could hinder your progress?  They even elaborate for hours (in great detail) the most devastating outcomes for you to consider, right after saying “oh, great idea.”   

Simply put, the naysayers of your dreams attach their own fears of failure to your success. Not only are they too afraid to go after your dream, they are more afraid of having to going after theirs.  Subconsciously, their fear lies in the fact that you might actually succeed! If you have success facing your fears and trepidations, thus having the confidence to take big risks and follow your hearts desires, then they might get left behind. What does that mean for them? Their dreams? They ultimately can’t envision a new reality, where everyone does what they want and they excel doing it…why? Because they are too afraid. If everyone else is out there fulfilling their wildest dreams, why am I sitting here in my drab reality?  This thought evokes panic in a form of accountability for others to create necessary changes in their lives (just as you did.)

Through our various influences (peers, friends, parents, the 'fake news’, etc.) we become conditioned to think about our future through a lens of limited beliefs. We limit ourselves from our desires, because we are nervous that everyone else’s opinions are right, and our instincts are wrong.  Our influencers tell us to “play small, so you stay safe.” Safe from failure, humiliation and from leaving them in the dust. There is a coaching philosophy that states, “what we see in others, is a mirror of ourselves.” Good-or- bad, in many forms, we project our fears and limited beliefs on others, because there is camaraderie in creating a control group.  It’s easier to compartmentalize people, and keep them in their respective roles, in our real-life diorama, than establish a new universe where anything is possible.  This is much more easily done than taking on a far scarier scenario: feeling like a failure for never trying something new. 

Now go create your own version of success!