Join in on the discussion with leading industry experts on how to create sustainability in business in an ever-shifting marketplace on Oct. 2nd @ CMC-DTLA. Click in to learn more.

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Melissa will be hosting an exclusive success coaching workshop in partnership with 1Hotel South Beach next Saturday, September 28th, entitled "Level Up- Powerful Training to Manifest Your Dreams." Sustainable wellness brand Corc Yoga will be sponsoring the event tailored for 1Hotels Beach Club members.

Join the conversation with BTO’s Melissa Anderson and Savoir Agency’s powerful group of leading women to discuss roles and how we define ourselves in today’s label obsessed world. Learn tactical tips to sell your idea and enroll others in your vision, how to define your value, channel multiple passions and turn it into profit, build on perceived “failures”, and much more…This event has passed!

Watch leadership coaching session with Melissa and Savoir Collab founder, Tamalin Srisook, on “Finding Your Authentic Voice…” More sessions to come leading up to The Jane Club- LA event on September 12th!

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Melissa shares her powerful coaching tool- Trines to Create Success in this insightful blog post. Click in to learn more on how to get ‘unstuck’ and create momentum towards your dreams, starting today.

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Lisa Evans of Fast Company, gets sage coaching advice from BTO-founder, Melissa Anderson, on ‘How to navigate pursuing your dream work, when others aren’t fully supportive of your goals.’ Click on image to read the full article:

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“Coaches assist us in honing the tools we already have in order to help us maximize our potential. On the leadership side, they help us find more proactive business solutions and promote positive company cultures. Working with a coaches can have a remarkable impact on our problem-solving skills and conflict resolution. Beyond helping us develop our ability to lead, coaches help us align the ways we’re spending our time with our goals. They help can improve our confidence and, ultimately, our bottom line. Making every effort to lead with self-awareness and investing in developing our emotional intelligence pays dividends.”

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